Travel Tote Provides Style And Safety

PacSafe Travel Tote

If you are looking for a secure, well-fortified travel tote for professional use, we have a recommendation for you!  Pacsafe makes a stylish, reinforced travel tote that ensures optimum protection for your belongings but also provides a measure of sophistication.  We tried the CitySafe Series Travel Tote (dark taupe color).  This great bag contains several notable features to ensure optimum travel safety: a tamperproof zipper, shoulder straps embedded with stainless steel wire, and slashproof wire mesh reinforcement.  You can also clip your bag to a table or chair while relaxing or eating in order to avoid a “snatch and run” thief.  All of our reviewers take PacSafe products wherever we go.  They are a sure bet for travel safety!

You can find this great travel tote here and more at

Rating: 5-Stars!  We highly recommend it!

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PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

If you are looking for a great bag to carry your laptop and presentation materials, the slashproof TourSafe Travel Tote is your best bet.  This roomy shoulder bag contains pockets for all of your business essentials yet has the appearance of a large purse.  This is a great bag for professional women who travel.  It is also a great tote for souvenirs.  We give it a 4-star rating.  You can find it here.

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