Best Weekend Getaways and Spas: Glen Rose, TX

Best Weekend Getaways: Glen Rose, Texas

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Inn On The River

Inn On The River :  Southern Luxury At Its Best

The world is full of amazing places, but some of them are hidden treasures off the beaten path.  The Inn On The River in Glen Rose, TX is one of those treasures.  Nestled in a quaint town square along the banks of the Paluxy river, the Inn On The River is a  hidden gem that sparkles with the uncompromising charm of southern hospitality at its best.

Paluxy River, Inn On The River

The Banks of The Paluxy River, Inn On The River

The  Inn On The River is nestled on the quiet banks of the Paluxy River.  For many years now, travelers and busy professionals have been drawn to the rest and relaxation offered on this beautiful property.  In 1915, George Paul Snyder built a turn-of-the-century health spa called the Snyder Sanitarium, which was in operation until the 1970s.  Today, the Inn On The River carries on the longstanding tradition, helping people maintain good health and feel better, which is a really important matter for everyone, so having a healthy lifestyle that include a good diet, exercise practicing Filipino Martial Arts and sometimes the use of supplements from sites as for this same purpose, this is just a place for health and relaxation where people can visit and leave after actually feeling better, and that’s why so many people visit this Inn, for improving and enjoying their health, there are even people that come for peace and quiet after a cosmetic surgery from online clinics that offer The Art of Plastic Surgery for any person that are not satisfy on how they look and want to look better, so they can recover completely in this facility. Also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction. If you know someone who is suffering from substance abuse check this article about home inhalants and abuse.

Reception Area Inn On The River

The Inn On The River is truly an oasis of southern luxury at its best.  The reception area is welcoming  The staff is friendly, genuinely hospitable, and attentive.  The décor made us feel as if we were going back in time.  The Inn provides fresh-baked cookies, coffee, and tea for an afternoon welcome.

Accommodations at Inn On The River


Accommodations at Inn On The River

Each room is uniquely decorated with simple Southern charm.  Our favorite part: the featherbeds.  If you have ever slept in a featherbed, you know what we mean.  The featherbeds created a gentle cocoon of luxury that gave us the deepest and most restful night of sleep imaginable.  Just as nothing is worse on vacation than a poor night’s sleep, nothing is better than a great night’s sleep.  You will definitely emerge from the Inn rested and rejuvenated.


Breakfast at Inn On The River

The Inn On The River surprised and delighted us with the high-quality cuisine they provided during our stay.  Although the Inn On The River is off the beaten path, the fare they offer is five-star quality.  Breakfast was palate-pleasing!  We also enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of gourmet salad,  filet mignon,  grilled salmon, and homemade desserts.

Dinner at Inn On The River


Recommendation:  Highly recommended!

Rating: 5-Stars!  Best!

Contact Information:

Inn On The River

205 S.W. Barnard Street
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) 897-2929

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Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park

1629 Park Road 59
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
(254) 897-4588

Open daily 8am-10pm