Best Women’s Wetsuit

Whether you are diving, snorkeling, or just swimming,  it always pays off to bring a wetsuit with you.

Traditionally, wetsuits have been bulky and uncomfortable.  In today’s marketplace, wetsuits are much sleeker than they used to be.  If you are looking to buy a wetsuit, choose one that is lightweight and comfortable.  It will pack well and ensure you are ready for any aqua adventures that await you!

We recommend the Women’s HydroSkin Farmer Jane by NRS.   The Women’s HydroSkin Farmer Jane is exactly what any woman needs who is looking for a lightweight and comfortable wetsuit.

This wetsuit is high-quality and yet low-impact when it comes to the environment!  It is made of Terraprene. Terraprene is made from limestone, which is one of the most abundant minerals available today.  It is a great alternative to Neoprene, which is petroleum-based.

The Women’s Hydroskin Farmer Jane also contains ThermalPlush inner lining for added comfort and quick drying. We also recommend to use the blackhead vacuum to protect your face.

We consider it to be the “Best Women’s Wetsuit” available today.  We highly recommend it.

Find the Women’s HydroSkin Farmer Jane wetsuit at

Rating: 5 stars!  Best!