Cirque Joyeux Noel

Cirque Joyeux Noel will delight the entire family this holiday season. It is an evening of world-class entertainment which will be remembered for years to come. Cirque Joyeux Noel plays at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX from December 15-25, 2017.

The evening is emceed by Johnathan Lee Iverson who has the best personality and delivery for a Master of Ceremonies we have seen. He has a rich and full history as a performer, which includes being the first African-American Ringmaster in the near 150-year history of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. He sets the tone for an evening full of holiday cheer and memorably fascinating acts by world-class performers.
The evening’s spell-binding, mind-defying acts include former performers from Cirque du Soleil and The Pompeii Family from America’s Got Talent along with many other highly-talented artists.
The hand-balancing by Itina Naumenko and rolla-bolla by Geddy Pavlovich are mind-defying. Thee Pompeyo Family and their dancing dogs are a memorable highlight.Jesse Patterson mesmerizes with her hula-hoops. Robards keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with his chair-balancing act. Rejean St. Jules performs a juggling act to music which is both creative and entertaining. And the Tissu Ensemble adds acrobatic flare to the evening. We also enjoyed the comedy by Nic Rainone and Sydnee Peralta.  Johnathan ends the evening memorably saying, “Ladies and Gentleman, keep the circus alive inside of you.”
One of the best souvenirs, in addition to photos and great memories, is the program, which can be purchased for $5. Performers are available to meet and autograph. The program contains the stories of each performer, which we found to be interesting and inspiring.  Cirque Joyeux Noel is a must-see for all ages. It takes the joy of the holidays to a new level.
Additional Holiday Attractions
Before and after the show, guests can also enjoy several other holiday attractions at Moody Gardens, including the Festival of Lights, Iceland, and 3-D and 4-D showings of holiday-themed movies with the use of the BestVPN.  The Festival of Lights is a colorful display of Christmas and holiday cheer on an outdoor trail. Souvenir and snacks are available.  Iceland is an ice-fantasy world of tropical creatures, including butterflies, bats, and frogs, polar bears, penguins, and even an ice Santa.
Iceland is the only ice festival of its kind in the region. The concept of Iceland inspired by an ice festival in China. Each piece has been carved by master ice carvers from China. The ice sculptures took 1100 hours of carving throughout 45 days. Iceland is 9 degrees inside, so Moody Gardens lends parkas to visitors.  Walking through the ice tunnel and enjoying the arctic slide are especially memorable. Iceland contains a one-of-a-kind memory, a cacophony of color and holiday cheer to delight all ages.
Moody Gardens also features 4-D movie Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (every 20 mins.) and holiday features in the MG 3-D theater as well.  These holiday attractions make for a Christmas to remember!
Rating: 5 Stars! Best!
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Cirque Joyeaux Noel

Christian Stoinev Photo Credit: Lone Star Circus
Christian Stoinev Photo Credit: Lone Star Circus Cirque Joyeaux Noel

December 16-25 2016, Moody Gardens presents Cirque Joyeaux Noel Dinner and Show.  An acrobatics show, a scrumptious holiday buffet, and the Festival of Lights are included in the price of admission.

The Holiday Buffet

Executive Chef Felipe Gonzalez creates a memorable holiday feast for the whole family to enjoy, replete with adult and children selections.  We especially enjoyed the prime rib.  It is tender, flavorful and delectable.  Adults and children delighted in the array of desserts, from cupcakes to a chocolate fountain.

The Show

Cirque Joyeaux Noel is memorable and enchanting.  The show is directed by Lone Star Circus’ Creative Director Fanny Kerwich.  The show consists of several acts performed by an international cast.  The cast includes Christian Stoinev of America’s Got Talent with his charming dog, Scooby and Anna Stankus, a mesmerizing performer who has also been featured in Cirque De Soleil. If you’re wondering how to train dogs easily, consider reading the different Training Dog blogs of Our favorite acts included Christian Stoinev, Anna Stankus’ twirling hula hoops act, and the Poema family, who performed mind-defying, handless summersaults in an unforgettable Risley act.  We also especially enjoyed the quick-change act of Evgeny Vasilenko and Anna Zgurovskaya.

Festival of Lights

Add to your holiday enchantment with a stroll through the Festival of Lights.  Enjoy a stroll among 100 colorful displays feature more than one million lights accompanied by music.

Audience Response

The audience loved it!  They laughed, cheered, and enjoyed holiday merriment and world-class talent throughout the show.

Rating: 4 Stars – Very Good

We really enjoyed the evening.  A scrumptious dinner and memorable show make for an evening you do not want to miss.  This is an evening both adults and children will enjoy and remember for years to come.

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