A Midnight Clear

A Midnight Clear offers a nontraditional take on Christmas Eve as people with uniquely different personalities and experiences bring nostalgia and bittersweet memories together on what is traditionally a joyful, sacred time.

This play offers artistic insight into the world and perspectives of the homeless and familyless during Christmas.  Ultimately, music unites and brings lasting bonds.  The Stages cast portrays these characters with depth and emotion.

Written and directed by Kenn McLaughlin (Playwright and Director) and David Nehls (Music Director), Stages Theatre is proud to feature the World Premiere of A Midnight Clear.

Not recommended for children.

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Late Nite Catechism 3: ‘Til Death Do Us Part at Stages Theatre

If you are looking to enjoy a memorable evening, we recommend Late Nite Catechism 3: ‘Til Death Do Us Part at Stages Theatre in Houston, Texas.  Written by Maripat Donovan with Marc Silvia , this play is enjoyable, enlightening, and humorous!  Sister offers lessons on love, marriage, life, and more. Denise Fennell (Sister) does a magnificent job of incorporating and engaging the audience throughout the production.  She is one of the most talented and amazing actresses we have ever seen.  You don’t want to miss it!

Rating: 5 stars!  Best

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