Art Car Ball 2012

Art Car Ball

The Art Car Ball is by far the zaniest event in Houston, Texas. It is held once a year in conjunction with the Art Car Parade.

We went to the event expecting an actual ball, with a formal setting and men and women fancily dressed eyeing creatively=decorated art cars with sophistication, food, and drink. But what we found is a ball unlike any other!

The Art Car Ball is actually the most fun street party in Houston. Everyone who attends, both art car owners and patrons alike, dress in wild, wacky, outlandish, and colorful costumes. Lively music from great bands fills the air. Finger foods and drinks were available. But the main focus of the evening: the cars and their people!

This is surely one of the “best of the best” events in Houston, Texas.  You don’t want to miss it!

Find out more about the Art Car Ball here and the unusual foundation that hosts it.


Event rating: 5 stars!  Best!

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