Blues In The Night in Houston, Texas


Blues in the Night

If you want to see a great performance that will make your soul dance, we recommend Blues In The Night at Ensemble Theater in Houston, Texas.

Blues In The Night is a story about three women whose hearts ache for the love of a man in their lives–and a man’s perspective on those women!

We attended a 3 p.m. Sunday matinee with a full house.  Blues in the Night offers a compelling storyline, great live music, a tight band, intimate acousitcs, and lots of flavor by world-class talent.  The performers have excellent voices, harmony, and chemistry. We found Regina Renae Hearne’s captivating performance and soulful musical expression to be especially mesmerizing.

One of our reviewers commented, “It makes me wonder where these kind of people are on the America’s Got Talent show.  They would smoke the competition!”

At Best Rated, we recommend “only the best”.  This performance certainly meets our five-star standard.  We can hardly wait for next year’s season at Ensemble Theatre.

Blues In The Night runs through July 24th, so get your tickets today.

Purchase tickets and find out more at

(713) 520-0055

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