Cruzar la Cara de la Luna

OH MY! “Cruzar la Cara de la Luna”, takes you on an emotional trip through the life of a Mexican immigrant passing through the porous Texas border, and his attempt to make a better life for his family. It is a very typical story of the hardships the Mexican people endure in their quest for a better life.

Popular Mexican music, “Nortenia,” are ballads that tell the story of the travels to and from Mexico and the adversities that are encountered. “Cruzar” is a grand extension of this story telling that is beautifully told in song and accompanied by classical mariachis.

It was difficult to select the most outstanding artist, but Octavio Moreno who sang the role of Laurentino, the aging immigrant with the troubled life story, was superb. The mariachis who provided the musical accompaniment completed the authentic Mexican experience for this modern day opera.

The Houston audience standing ovation was proof that this opera is definitely a “must see.”

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