Madame Butterfly

Houston Ballet presents Madame Butterfly from September 6-16, 2012.

The performance begins with Clear, a male ballet dancers + 1 female ballerina piece set to Bach.  Clear showcases male ballet dancers.

After a 20-minute intermission, Madame Butterfly begins.  Madame Butterfly…when the heart takes flight on the ecstasy of love and despair when it is lost..this riveting ballet is a wordless journey into a forlorn geisha’s soul.

An American sailor marries a geisha and later leaves her destitute and unloved with child.  She waits for him but he never returns to take her to America.  Instead, he marries an American bride and returns to bring the child back to the U.S.

This tragic tale is beautifully performed by all involved.  Although set in the past, it offers a window into the modern day practice of the hopes and hearts of today’s overseas brides, some betrothed during war, others “e-brides”, as we call intent brides.

The Houston Ballet and accompanying orchestra masterfully presented this opera-gone-ballet.

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