Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is a mesmerizing country which oftentimes feels like stepping back in time into the Old World.  Istanbul is steeped in timeless traditions.  We highly recommend experiencing a Turkish bath in Turkey.  It is an age-old bathing ritual which takes place in an authentic, 400 year old Turkish bathhouse.

If you are looking for a vacation to remember that won’t break the bank, we recommend the Turkish “blue cruise”.  Blue Cruises are cruises on a hand-made Turkish yacht called a gulet.  Turkish yachts, gulets, have a character and old world charm.  The gulets usually house 4 to 12 guests.  Their intimate size lends itself to the most personal type of cruising available.


Turkish Yacht on Blue Cruise

Turkish cruises are appropriately named “Blue Cruises” in reference to the stunning blue color of the water in the Agean Sea.  The blue is almost a blinding azure blue, it is so remarkably blue.

Turquoise Waters of Turkey

The Agean Sea is also referred to as the “Turquoise Coast” because the water becomes a brilliant shade of turquoise along coastlines and shallow areas.  It is believed that our English word “turquoise” and the country name “Turkey” are referring to the same color.

If you do decide to cruise with Barbaros Yachting, please tell them Best Rated Reviews says hello!  We would also be glad to assist you in arranging a tour.  Contact us here.



Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey


Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Istanbul

Spice Market Istanbul Turkey


Hagia Sophia Icons Istanbul Turkey

Gran Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Turkish Blue Cruise:

We recommend going on a blue cruise.  The Agean sea is azure blue.  That is where the name “blue cruise” comes from.  We enjoyed a cruise on the Agean sea with Barbaros Yachting. (www..barbarosyachting.com)   We took a private gulet charter.  We highly recommend them.  We plan to sail with them again!

Here are some photos.

Turkish Yacht on Blue Cruise

Castle in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum Castle

Blue Cruise on Agean Sea Best Rated

Barbaros Yachting Crew with Mandy Seymour

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