About Us

Our Approach

The need for reliable reviews based on first-hand experience by professional researchers who are passionate about travel and leisure is essential in today’s marketplace.  When Best Rated Reviews started (originally as Best of The Best, LLC in 2008), online reviews were not as common and abundant as they are today.  However, the abundance of information creates a growing challenge for consumers earnestly seeking a reliable review.  

Our writers make recommendations based on “experience only”.  We do not accept financial compensation or paid advertising for our reviews.

Our Story

Best Rated Reviews was founded in 2008 by photojournalist and writer Mandy Seymour.  Mandy realized the need for reliable reviews on products and services.  Travel and leisure consumers want to spend their money on the “best of the best” in travel and leisure.  No one who is serious about travel and leisure ever says, “I want to go on a mediocre trip” or “I want to buy a mediocre product.” Consumers and travelers alike want the “best of the best”. But how do you know? Word of mouth, yes. Yet in today’s world, everyone shares their opinions but how do you know they share your high standard of consumerism? Word of mouth + good taste + experience = a winning combination to attain reliable reviews.

Meet the Team

Our experienced writers and reviewers bring you the “best of the best” by first-hand experience and industry expertise.

Mandy Seymour

Founder & Managing Editor

Mandy Seymour founded Best Rated Reviews in 2008.

Keith Lee

Senior Editor

Keith Lee is an avid travel, fitness and sports fanatic.

Jerry Seymour

Senior Reviewer

Jerry Seymour loves travel and opera.