Tanzania by Mandy Seymour

I visited Tanzania during The Great Migration. It was a wondrous sight to be hold! Witnessing the migration of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and birds as they traverse the Serengeti is a “best of the best” travel experience of a lifetime.

During my photo journey, I encountered many amazing and wondrous animals! I met deep and prevailing peoples. I experienced animals and nature in their splendid glory of being fully alive, enjoying the vast and varied terrain upon which they live.

Here are some of the animals, people and places I visited on safari in Africa. I encourage you to make the trek to Tanzania. It’s worth it!

Lion Sleeping in Tanzania by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

Lion Sleeping

I saw this lion sleeping on a rock next to his majestic brother. He was resting so deeply.

Elephants in Tanzania by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

Two elephants caress with their trunks in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, Africa. While witnessing The Great Migration is a sign to behold, visiting Tarangire National Park was my favorite experience on safari in Africa. It is a wonderland of elephants. We spent three days watching, enjoying, and photographing hundreds of elephants – who all went about their daily lives as if we were not there.

Hotel Maisha, Tarangire – Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

I stayed in a treehouse safari tent and enjoyed writing in my tent while I was there.

Colorful Bird in Tanzania – Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

Tanzania is home to colorful birds.

Cheetah in Tanzania by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

This cheetah stared at a zebra in the distance for an hour. She did not run after it (which was okay with me because I had actually prayed I would not see an animal get killed and God answered my prayer the entire safari!)

Maasai by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

The Masai people are noble and fierce. They are warriors who guard their people and livestock and protect them from lions and other predators.

Maasai Jumping by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

The Masai can jump very high. They can make fires by hand.

Maasai Women by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

Masai women make beautiful, intricate necklaces.

Safari Picnic in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Safari Picnics are memorable on the Serengeti!

My stay at Kitela Lodge was magical!

Hot Air Ballon Ride Over Serengeti by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

No safari experience is complete until you’ve ridden over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon.

Sunset in Tarangire National Park by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews
Tanzania with Maasai Warrior by Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

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