Hammock Happiness

“Hammock Happiness is the feeling you get when you find a great hammock and it becomes your R & R go-to place.” – Mandy Seymour

If you are looking for a “best of the best” way to enjoy your Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring in Texas, buy a hammock.  We have discovered the joy of what we affectionately call Hammock Happiness.  Hammock Happiness is the feeling you get when you find a great hammock and it becomes your R & R go-to place.  You rest in it.  You relax in it.  You rejuvenate in it.  In short, when you find a hammock that’s right for you, you live your best life in it!

We have discovered that hammocks that are made with a breathable fabric can nicely accommodate Texas’ hot weather and also acclimate to the other seasons as well.  

Here are some ways we found hammock happiness and you can too!

Enjoying much-needed R&R!

Do you ever wish you had a place you could go all to yourself to “get away from it all”?  Where you could relax and rejuvenate in the solace of nature?  If you have a hammock, you can relax and rejuvenate anytime – at home or when traveling!

Watching The Sunset!

A hammock is a great place to enjoy the sunset – anywhere, anytime, any season!

Enjoying together time with loved ones!

Spending time with your dog!

Our dog Beaux loves to spend relaxing quality time with us wherever we are – at home or traveling.  Pets love hammocks.  They love to snuggle with you in a hammock.  When we are at home, we snuggle with our dog, our bunny and even baby chicks in our hammocks!

And glamping!

Here are some breathable hammocks we recommend.  We have thoroughly tested the following brands and they meet our five-star standards and received a 5-star “Best of The Best” rating:

Best of The Best: Hang Loose Hammocks – These colorful hammocks are made in Maui and are built to last.  They are breathable, fray-resistant and stretchably comfortable to your body type.  They are made with 100% authentic Ecuadorian textile fabric.  They hold up nicely in inclement weather as well. 

Find Hang Loose Hammocks here

If you are looking for a second, option for your budget, we recommend Made By Nativos.  They carry  hammocks which are well-made, breathable and flexible.  They will hold up in various weather conditions.  

Find Made By Nativos Hammocks here

Everyone in our family enjoys Hammock Happiness! 

Beaux The Boykin love Hammock Happiness!

Goldie Girl loves hammock happiness!

And even the turkeys, Stagecoach and Tejas!  Hammock Happiness makes everyone happy because we are spending time outside together which is what we love most in our family!

The best part of having a hammock for any occasion is the memories you make and the people you share it with! Even when it’s your little sister! Family fun is for everyone! Especially when you have a great hammock!

Yours for the best! – Mandy and Sarah

Mandy Seymour and Sarah Seymour are a mama-daughter travel duo who traverse the world to find and share the “best of the best” in travel, leisure and related products.  

Mandy Seymour

Mandy Seymour is the Managing Editor of Best Rated Reviews.  Mandy is an award-winning travel writer, photojournalist and author who has traveled the world in search of the “best of the best” and strives to help people know the deeper fulfillment of a life well-lived personally and professionally.  She received the William N. Garrison award for the impact she makes on others in her daily life and work.

Sarah Seymour

Sarah Seymour is a photojournalist with Best Rated Reviews.  She is a photographer and award-winning writer who has a keen eye for Instagram-worthy shots and is a powerful storyteller with a strong ability to convey the essence and enjoyability of places and products through writing and photography.  Sarah won the Scholastic Gold Key writing award for short stories in 2023.  

Roleo Hand and Arm Massager

Do you ever have forearm soreness and fatigue from typing too much?  We live in a digital age and spend more time on our electronic devices than ever in the history of humankind.  We are writers and journalists.  We experience arm fatigue on a regular basis.  

We wondered if there was a product out there that could help.  To our delight, we found one: Roleo.

Roleo is a therapeutic arm massager.  It’s a verticals square shaped device with two rollers.  You slide your arm in between the rollers and it gives them a great massage.  You can use it to massage your hand, wrist and forearm.  It works great!  And it provides so much relief!  

It is providing relief for writers, administrative assistants, physical therapists, masseuses, and others who use their hands and arms regularly in the work they do.  

It’s portable, easy to use, and non-electronic.  It fits nicely in a cabinet or drawer, so you just take it out when you need it.  

We highly recommend it.  There’s no other massager like it.  It gets the job done much better than the electronic hand massagers we’ve tried.  

Website: www.u-selfcare.com

Rating: 5 stars!  Best of the best!