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Best Rated Reviews features the “best of the best” in travel, leisure and related products.  Our primary audience is high-end luxury travelers who are looking for optimal travel and leisure experiences. Our travelers want to know, “What is the best lodging, attraction, or product for my money?”  We help them bypass the massive overload of online reviews and give them targeted recommendations from a source they know and trust based on our five-star standard at Best Rated.

The need for authentic, genuine, quality reviews is ever-increasing in today’s online marketplace where indiscriminate reviews abound that are not based on any clear standard related to the guest’s targeted travel and leisure values or preferences.  We cater to a growing travel and leisure clientele who do not have time or wherewithal to sift through endless online reviews to find what they want and need.  Instead, they are looking for a straight and efficient way to find the “best of the best” in travel, leisure and related products.  

“Best of The Best”

At Best Rated Reviews, we focus on the “best of the best” in travel, leisure and related products.  Our recommendations consist of good, better and best.  We recommend products  and services which meet our Five-Star Standard with a rating of good (3 stars), better (4 stars), or best (5 stars).  We focus on this standard exclusively because no one who is truly serious about travel ever sets out to make travel or leisure plans and says, “I just want to have a mediocre experience”.  Instead, they look for superlative, quality, memorable, highly-enjoyable experiences, places and products.  In short, they desire “the best of the best”.  

Our Five-Star Standard

Our five-star standard evaluates the following when we are making a recommendation:

  1. High quality – Lodging/acomodation evaluations: Does this lodging/acomoodation provide a high-quality experience for a luxury or experienced traveler?  Does it offer a delicious breakfast or fare made from fresh ingredients? Product evaluations: Is this product well-made?  Is it made of quality material?  Is it made to last?  Will it hold up for the purposes for which it was designed?
  2. Practicality – Lodging/accommodations: Is the lodging practical and conveniently located in relation to activities the guest intends to experience geographically?  Product: Is the product practically designed to meet the need for its intended use?  Is it well-thought out?  Is this product useful?  Is it well-designed to meet the traveler’s need or desire?
  3. Memorability — Lodging/accommodations: Is this accommodation memorable?  Does it stand out from its competitors?  Does it offer the guest or user a memorable experience when staying?    Products: Is this product memorable?  Does it stand out from its competitors?  Does it offer the user a memorable experience?  Events: Is this event memorable?  Does it stand out from its competitors?  Will a person be glad they spent their hard-earned money on it?
  4. Customer Service – Lodging/accommodations: Does this place offer good customer service?  Does this lodging have good hospitality?  If you encounter a problem, is the staff polite and professional in resolving it?  Do they take pride in their customer service?  Is staff genuinely engaged with travelers, making them feel glad they have visited?  Products: Does this company offer good customer service?  If something goes wrong with the product, does this company’s staff act efficiently, effectively and professionally to resolve it?
  5. Overall Satisfaction – Does this place or product offer lingering travel and leisure satisfaction?  Do you feel fulfilled by it when you think back to your experience?  Would you recommend it to others who share in high-quality travel and leisure values?

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