Roleo Hand and Arm Massager

Do you ever have forearm soreness and fatigue from typing too much?  We live in a digital age and spend more time on our electronic devices than ever in the history of humankind.  We are writers and journalists.  We experience arm fatigue on a regular basis.  

We wondered if there was a product out there that could help.  To our delight, we found one: Roleo.

Roleo is a therapeutic arm massager.  It’s a verticals square shaped device with two rollers.  You slide your arm in between the rollers and it gives them a great massage.  You can use it to massage your hand, wrist and forearm.  It works great!  And it provides so much relief!  

It is providing relief for writers, administrative assistants, physical therapists, masseuses, and others who use their hands and arms regularly in the work they do.  

It’s portable, easy to use, and non-electronic.  It fits nicely in a cabinet or drawer, so you just take it out when you need it.  

We highly recommend it.  There’s no other massager like it.  It gets the job done much better than the electronic hand massagers we’ve tried.  


Rating: 5 stars!  Best of the best!