Ragin Cajun Zydeco Night Thursday Night

Are you ready for Le Bon Temps?  We recently discovered our favorite Cajun restaurant in Houston, Texas, Ragin Cajun.  (www.ragin-cajun.com)  Their motto is “Family Serving Family” and boy, do they live up to it!  We gave them a Best of The Best 5-Star Review.  They have great food, a comprehensively Cajun ambiance, and wonderful service.  We visited on a Thursday night and enjoyed a great live Zydeco band.  This restaurant is also kid-friendly, and even the little ones had a Ragin good time!

Ragin Cajun in Houston, Texas

Everyone knows that Southern hospitality is a special quality displayed for the world to see.  However, Southern hospitality is only the tip of the iceberg when you reach into the heart of Louisiana and discover “Cajun Country”.  The French ancestry intertwined with southern hospitality creates the unique experience of life in Southern Louisiana.  Being called Cajun is a badge of honor for those unique and friendly people that wear it. Great food, family, and festivities and a deep sense of religious conviction are what make the Cajuns a joy to be around.  They work hard and they play hard.  

This Cajun experience is proudly on display at Ragin Cajun restaurant.  With four locations in the Houston area, Ragin Cajun offers real Cajun cooking and the Cajun lifestyle.  Recently, we visited the Westheimer location, where we were warmly greeted by the staff. 

If you are not familiar with Cajun cooking, be prepared for food that is seasoned like no other.  Though many restaurants claim to have authentic Cajun food, we find that outside of Louisiana, most only dream of having that unique flavor that only a true Cajun can prepare.  Ragin Cajun offers authentic Cajun fare.  Ragin Cajun is not only authentic.  It is a Cajun family proudly serving the Houston market with family recipes steeped in the authentic world of the Cajun. Family traditions and family pride run deep in the heart of the Cajun people.   The food was plentiful.  The portions were generous

With a packed house and live zydeco music, the old, familiar festive Cajun atmosphere electrified the room with excitement. Whether two people at a table or ten, everyone was laughing, enjoying the music, singing, or dancing.  The expression of “Let the good times roll” was alive and well at Ragin Cajuns.

Not only is the atmosphere festive, it is also wholesome and family oriented.  You can feel free to bring children or mom and dad.  Everyone will love the party you’ll experience when you go to Ragin Cajun.  Let the good times roll!

We Recommend:  the boiled crabs, bread pudding, the authenticity of Cajun food, and live zydeco music.

Best Time To Visit:  Zydeco night on Thursday evenings or any time live music is available.

Contact Info: Ragin Cajun 9600 Westheimer Rd, Houston – (832) 251-7171

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Alexander The Great Greek in Houston, Texas

Located in Houston’s Galleria area, Alexander The Great Greek has great food and people, is easy to find and offers valet parking.  Although unassuming on the outside, it is a world apart on the inside.  Upon entering, we stepped into the festive nature of Greek culture.  We were transported into the very heart of Greece and were met as though we were family as we were ushered to our table.  We were seated near the bandstand and were immediately greeted by an enthusiastic and completely knowledgeable server.We had just settled in when the band appeared and began to play authentic  Greek music that completed transporting us back to the Old Country.

 As we sat and enjoyed the atmosphere, I closed my eyes for just a moment and fully expected that when I opened them again, I would be staring out into the Mediterranean.  It felt just like we had traveled thousands of miles  and we were sitting with a large family overlooking the azure sea. The festive word “Opa!” was constantly being shouted out by someone having a good time, enjoying the festivities.  Opa is a term used for happiness and joy, like “hooray” in English, but better! As our food began to arrive, one sumptuous dish after another continued to amaze us with the quality, presentation, and incredible taste. 

The staff at Alexander The Great Greek was so proud of every dish they served us, their enthusiasm made eating a delight.  From salad to desert, everything was brought to us as if it were an expensive gift and carefully presented to show the absolute pride in what they serve and are. As we dined at this feast, we were suddenly entertained by a professional belly dancer.  Not only did she perform perfectly, the authentic music played by the band completed the transformation and left us thinking that we were thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.   

Before we realized it, over two hours had passed.  And it was time to go back to the world as we know it.  But for just over two hours, we got to see the heart of Greece  and made a new family of friends that will remain in our hearts for a long time.  Do not miss an opportunity to visit Alexander The Great Greek.  

We especially enjoyed the Grilled Red Snapper (which was so fresh and delicious, it seemed as if someone had just come in from the seashore and delivered the catch of the day and wanted us to have their best).  Mousakka, the live music, and the bellydancer.

Visit Alexander The Great Greek  on Friday or Saturday night for live music and bellydancing from 8-10 p.m.

Website: www.alexanderthegreat.cc