Kelly Buckner

Kelly Buckner – BeeBold Collective

UPDATE: Since the time we published this article, we and other clients have done business with Kelly Buckner and been sorely disappointed. What she promises and what she delivers in business are not the same. So we deleted the article since we cannot recommend her.

Kelly’s motto and mission are showcased in her own brand: BeeBold Collective, where she claims to help to empower women to be bold for the good in every area of their lives, including branding, networking, business development and even fashion and home goods. However, she ultimately is only bold about her claims. She does not truly care about her clients or their success. We hired her to do projects for us but she did not deliver or follow-through. Instead, she made empty promises and had to ask her to re-do them. When she did them, they were incomplete. We spent thousands of dollars with her and got nothing in return for our investment in her consulting.  Kelly Buckner is NOT “The Best of The Best!”  She advertises her services at You will not get what you paid for. But she will say you did. Buyer beware.