Day With A Llama at Figment Ranch

By: Mandy Seymour and Sarah Seymour

A Day with a Llama at Figment Ranch is the BEST DAY EVER!  Ruby Herron and Robin Turell make dreams come true for llamas and llama-lovers alike at Figment Ranch. My daughter Sarah Seymour and I visited their beautiful ranch for A Day with A Llama. It was a day to remember!

Sarah loves llamas. They are one of her most favorite animals. She was in llama heaven on our day at Figment Ranch. 

During the Day with a Llama, we walked llamas, fed llamas, and hugged llamas. We also interacted with several adorable alpacas. We fed them, petted them, and enjoyed learning about them. 

We were joined by one of Figment Ranch’s most sensational members of the family: Strutter the Turkey. We found him to be just as endearing as the llamas in his own way! He is a majestic and friendly turkey who followed us around the farm everywhere we went. He let us pet him. And he even waited for us outside the gift shop!  Strutter has walked brides down the aisle and likes to dance at parties and receptions. 

Figment Ranch is also home to giddy goats, dapper ducks, and terrific tortoises. 

The animals are very well-loved and cared for. For the ranch’s owners, their rescue, care and preservation is a labor of love. They care deeply about the precious lives of all their animals.  All proceeds received help to feed and care for their amazing animals so they can keep spreading llama love for years to come. 

Figment Ranch is a woman-owned and operated business.  Beautiful handicrafts, blankets and rugs are available in the gift shop.  Proceeds support llama care and conservation in Texas and Peru.

Figment Ranch is available for llama tours, events, and overnight stays. Learn more at

See video of our day with a llama here.

Rating: 5 Stars!  “Best of the best!”