TGR Exotics Wildlife Zoo

If you are looking to experience a Safari in your own backyard and you live in Houston, Texas or surrounding vicinities, we have a recommendation for you.  TGR Exotics Wildlife Zoo is a family-owned and operated collection of some of the friendliest exotic animals around.  The zoo houses over 100 types of animals. 

On the day we went, there were 3 tours taking place. The up-close and personal interaction with the animals made for an unforgettable experience.  We met Chaco the Camel, Buffy the Water Buffalo, an ant eater, fast-moving sloths, and an ancient armadillo as well as a bearcat.  

The animals have special scratching posts that look like they tumbled out of the Wild West.  We were surprised to learn that these “scratching posts” were actually recycled Christmas trees.  Each year, people donate their Christmas trees to the zoo.  Chaco the Camel sat on his, using it as a cushion.  The goats ate the greenery and then used theirs as back scratchers.  And most amusingly, Walter the Warthog jubilantly tossed his Christmas tree 9 feet up in the air and played with it for many days before making it into a personalized scratching post as well.  

To our surprise and delight, large pigs came charging toward us – and once we started petting them, they fell over on the ground and went straight to sleep, laying there for several minutes.  And when we went to see the sloths, one of them was crawling around his cage the speed of a relaxed monkey.  We have never seen such a happy or fast sloth.  

They really take care of their animals and care about them. It is very apparent the animals are well-loved.  They have very amazing creatures who are very responsive to humans.  Everything is clean and well-maintained.  

The zoo is spacious and each tour is highly personalized. While the animals are well-loved and cared for.  Yet they are not pets.  Rather, they are sold to zoos across the country.  Tours last 1 1/2-2 hours. Strollers are welcome. You must wear closed – toed shoes.

During summer and during the year, the camp has the zoo has a camps, programs for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and all kinds of other activities. However, you must register in advance because this is a privately and facility.  6:30 PM is the best tour time for summers.

We highly recommend TGR Exotics Wildlife Zoo as a “best of the best” family outing for summer and year-round fun.  It is an animal adventure you don’t want to miss.


The wildlife park is located 10 miles east of Tomball, TX in Spring, TX.