Kelly Buckner

Kelly Buckner – BeeBold Collective

If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, we have a recommendation for you: Kelly Buckner.  If you know her, you love her!  She is a one of a kind gem in the big wide world of marketing and women’s business development.

Kelly Buckner is the queen of entrepreneurial empowerment for women in today’s business world.  She helps women to exude boldness in ways that matter most. In light of all the economic  challenges we have faced as a nation and a world recently, more people are seeking to start or re-brand their own businesses now more than ever before.  But finding a good branding coach to help you get the job done with thoroughness, skill and excellence is not so easy.

Kelly Buckner is a captivating mix of professional boldness and kind earnestness.  She puts the “em” in empower.  Empower comes from en which means “in + power”.  She empowers women entrepreneurs by helping them tap into the driving passion and power inside of them and bring it out into the world in the form of a brand.  

She also empowers clients by instructing them how to continue to build their own brand after she helps them to get their start or re-start.  So where does a person start, anyway?  

Kelly offers a Smartphone Masterclass to teach you how to use an amazing everyday tool to your branding advantage.  We took the class and highly recommend it.  Kelly also hosts a networking group for women wanting to build their brand.  And she offers a 1 on 1 brand coaching package to help clients comprehensively build their brand.  

Kelly’s motto and mission are showcased in her own brand: BeeBold Collective, where she helps to empower women to be bold for the good in every area of their lives, including branding, networking, business development and even fashion and home goods.  Kelly Buckner is “The Best of The Best!”  Find out more at