The Marriage of Figaro by Houston Grand Opera

By Mandy Seymour, Best Rated Reviews

The Marriage of Figaro presented by the Houston Grand Opera is an experience to behold!  We tremendously enjoyed an evening of world-class opera set to a Sevillan 18th century background with the unique addition of a 60s timeframe, costumes and dancing.  It was creative, compelling and not to be missed!

The Marriage of Figaro is a dynamic love story which incorporates drama, comedy, and stellar character depictions from some of Opera‚Äôs finest at Houston Grand Opera.  Nahuel Di Pierro plays Figaro.   Elena Villain plays Susanna.  Each role is masterfully performed.  

The premise involves an uprising of servants against their master.  For this reason, the play was initially banned in many countries when it was first written because it outraged the aristocracy.  This opera was composed in 1786 by magnificent Mozart.  His opera is based an original play by Beaumarchais.  

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Rating: 5 stars! “Best of the best!”